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I have had a project running long term that went unnoticed by me for a while. I was taking photographs of funny food faces that appeared on my plates. What do we do with long term photo collections? Display them of course!!! So I have posted a collection of “Happy Food” in my gallery. Most images were spontaneous and came from a variety of cameras! (Whatever was within reach at the moment) Watch out for more as they appear…and get eaten!
Click through the image to see the gallery!

Kali Orexi!!!

Happy Food

Happy Food


Love All, Love Always.

Love unconditionally. Love with no expectations. Love with nothing required in return. Love the worst moments, and the best. Love those who love you, and those who hate you. Love yourself more than any…but love all others with that same passion. Love opens all doors and breaks down all borders. The greatest gift is the freedom to love and to choose your every moment. Love others, they are in the same process of choice and creation as you. How different a world should everyone wake up and love the process and everyone’s choice for what it really is. Divine.

You do not need to find love. You already are love.

No More Hurt, Please.

“What hurts you so bad that you feel you have to hurt me in order to heal it?”
-Neale Donald Walsch

Wow. Just read that several times and think about it. “What hurts you so bad that you feel you have to hurt me in order to heal it?” Why do we blind ourselves from seeing who we really are in so many moments of rage, anger, and frustration. How do we substitute unconditional love, compassion, and understanding with hate? It is so easy for our actions to reflect the “greater good of me.” Yet the greatest good we can do for ourselves and humanity is to love each other. We only deepen our wounds through the hurt we inflict. We only hurt ourselves more.

Love all. Love Always. Only love heals.



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